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Welcome to my web page! If I'm not on here updating content, I'm out telling the stories I think need to be told. If you have any questions, concerns or would just like to chat, feel free to send me an email! Have questions about getting into freelance reporting? Visit my blog, The Freelance Beat. Want to commission me for freelance work? You're welcome to email me or book me via LinkedIn Profinder



How to contact me for:

Press coverage or interview inquiries: 

Feel free to email me at my Outlook/Live email. Do not email my Proton Mail address with press releases or inquiries about getting press for your company, organization, university, etc. In fact, if you're a publicist, it is probably best that you email my editor with your pitch and he/she/they'll assign a story to me. However, company CEOs, advocacy groups or everyday individuals without a publicist are welcome to email me directly with story ideas. If you're reaching out to me with sensitive information, please see the set of instructions below for whistleblowers. 

Confidential information/tips:

If you are a source with confidential information that you'd like to share with me, please contact me via my Proton Mail email only. I also recommend creating a free Proton Mail account for yourself and emailing my Proton Mail account from your Proton Mail account. I'm also available via private messaging platforms including Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp.

While I appreciate your willingness to speak confidentially about an issue, doing so comes with great risks to your personal and professional life. That said, it's especially important that we communicate via secure messaging or email platforms. Please contact me via Proton Mail for information on how to communicate via a private messaging app. (Publicists/media relations professionals: please don't send press releases, media alerts or press inquiries to this address. It has limited storage and is reserved only for confidential conversations with sources.)

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